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Welcome to UDI - Calgary

What do we believe?

  • Calgary is the model for smart growth in North America
  • Consumers require choice in communities and homes.
  • The development community exceeds innovation expectations.
  • There are benefits to new communities.
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– The Canadian Experience

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INCLUSIONARY HOUSING – The Canadian Experience
Published November 3, 2015:

UDI-Calgary/CHBA-Calgary Region
Merger Design Project

Why are we exploring a merger?

Strong voice, united message
Stakeholders feel that the Industry requires a stronger voice. A unified organization with a clear message and multiple member’s voices could be more effective in advocating for its members.

Strength in numbers
Stakeholders feel that an organization with greater human and financial resources could be more effective in advocating for their interests. An organization with greater resource capacity and a greater membership base could develop a ‘critical mass’, which could draw in other associations, increasing the strength of the organization.

Consolidating industry
Stakeholders feel that UDI-Calgary and CHBA-Calgary will be required to respond to changing market conditions that result in a consolidating building industry. Many members are already involved with both organizations, and a proactive response to industry consolidation through a merger could benefit membership.

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Recent News

More Spending Wanted on Transit and Housing in City Survey

Calgarians want to see city officials spend more on services including transit and affordable housing, according to the results of the latest Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

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City's Vision May Be A Costly Exercise

Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) come under scrutiny in a report by Robert Arnott, commissioned by the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary.

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Affordability a Job for Industry and City to Tackle Together

Affordability, a potential merger and continued collaboration are top of mind for the new head of a local building association.

CHBA-Calgary Region and UDI (Urban Development Institute)-Calgary have bee... Read the full story

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UDI-C/CHBA-CR Christmas Reception
December 9th, 2015

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Smarter Growth Initiative
Smarter Growth Initiative
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